Use and Protection of Coastal Resources

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"This paper examines the interrelationship between the. competing uses of coastal resources and the institutional frameworks that shape this governing of such resources. These Institutions often have the character of layers, where for instance the local perceptions are rooted in institutions that governed traditional use, the contemporary legal framework is rooted In economic activities of the modern, age, while the Institutional dynamics is caused fey emerging Integrative activities, often activities that challenges the previous distinction between use and protection. "The paper uses Northern Norway as an example and carries out an analysis of us and protection of North-Norwegian coastal resources �»s a dynamic blend of Non-EU institutional designs, local institutional structures and the institutional challenges from new activities like coastal recreational fishing, aqiiacititiir, conservation and habitat improvements sea ranching and sea cultivation. "In carrying out this analysis, the paper will link tills with other analysis in the EU Environment Programme and with lie ELOISE programmes on the Sand/ocean interface. The paper thus establishes grounds for comparing the institutional development in one part of Europe with the institutional development pertaining to coastal regions in other parts of Europe, e.g. the West Coast of Ireland."
coastal resources, institutional design, fisheries