Condominium Management System in Amhara National Regional State the case of Bahir Dar City

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"This study analyses the condominium management system in Amhara region in Ethiopia. Bahir Dar, which is the capital city of the Amhara National Regional State, was selected as a case to illustrate the issue under study. To address an ever-worsening housing shortage in Bahir Dar City Administration has, since 2006, launched grand low cost condominium housing projects. Consequently, privatization took the form of the transfer of ownership of an individual flat or unit together with shared rights and obligations for the common elements of the property. The paper used an institutional analysis and development (IAD) framework. The study revealed that post-occupancy management is one of the most pressing challenges that the implementation of Integrated Housing Development Programme faced in Bahir Dar city. It also revealed that, although Ostrom's design principles are incorporated in the institution responsible for condominium management, they are not well configured and practised. Furthermore, the results show that, although Ostrom's design principles are basic, they require proper interpretation in the context of condominium management."
condominiums, institutional analysis--IAD framework, management