The Sardinella Fisheries off the Coast of West Africa: The Case of a Common Property Resource


"Two species of sardinella, S. aurita and S. maderenele occur off the coast of West Africa in the Eastern Central Atlantic. Their distribution extends from Mauritania to the south of Angola with concentrations of distinct populations in three geographic sectors due to favorable environmental conditions. Because of their pattern of migration (both up and down along the coast and inshore-offshore pattern of movements) individual stocks are found in the territorial waters of two or more coastal countries at different stages of their life cycles. This makes it necessary for coastal countries to share information on the status of the stocks and for cooperation on the management of the fishery. The activities of national institutions--sub-regional and regional bodies--and international agencies in promoting the management of this common property resource are highlighted and discussed in terms of their effectiveness and relevance. Some suggestions are made for policy options and future research and management needs."



fisheries, IASC, common pool resources, co-management