Ambivalence Toward Formalizing Customary Resource Management Norms Among Alaska Native Beluga Whale Hunters and Tohono O'odham Livestock Owners


"Natural resource management planning has become a central activity in the management of resources across all levels of agency. Increasingly, management plans are being called for to secure rights to, and guide management of resources used or held by, indigenous people in less developed regions. A problem that is being encountered in the development of natural resource management plans and indigenous peoples is the differing understandings and perspectives each stakeholder has towards natural resources. While natural resource planners often break up a resource into its constituent parts, indigenous peoples often view them more holistically. This is especially true when it comes to what are known as common pool resources (CPR) and customary resource use norms associated with those natural resources."



natural resources, resource management, common pool resources--policy, indigenous institutions, whaling