Synergies for Social, Ecological, and Economic Recovery on Newly- Created Commons

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"This discussion draws on a variety of parts of a puzzle and assembles a different perspective for development of future Common Property Resource regimes. From this landscape ecologist's point of view, we must urgently move on from theory and historical lessons to boldly design and adaptively or experimentally develop New Commons (common property resource management institutions) as potential long-term solutions to restoration and future sustainability of rapidly degrading environments. Without repeating theory or concepts that are well known to institutional analysts and political scientists studying Common Pool Resources, I attempt to draw together the identified characteristics of successful enduring Common Property regimes with the needs for maintaining and restoring social and ecological capital, especially in rural areas. I then highlight the concepts and logistical objectives behind the 30 year old UNESCO Biosphere Reserve Program, which appears to have great potential as an operational framework within which to design and assemble new commons as experimental models. The novel arrangements, experience, and lessons from one such model--the Bookmark Biosphere project in South Australia-- are described as an example."



IASC, common pool resources, protected areas, buffer zones, legislation, economic development, conservation, biodiversity