The Dynamic between States, Resources and Indigenous Peoples in South Asia: Implications for Common Property Resource Governance

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"This paper will explore the dynamic between states and indigenous peoples over access and ownership of natural resources in South Asia in the context of this increased international attention towards indigenous peoples' issues. To what extent have changes in international rights and treaties discourse influenced the negotiation between states and indigenous peoples in access to natural resources and what are the implications of this for common property resource governance is the central question that this paper seeks to analyze. Empirical illustration will be provided primarily from India and Bangladesh. "The first section of the paper will provide a brief historical background to state policy towards indigenous and tribal peoples. This will be followed by a description of the impact of globalization and privatization on indigenous peoples' access to the commons. How indigenous people have responded to these changes on the one hand but equally how state policies as well as international discourse have made a transition in response to the struggles waged by indigenous peoples will be the subject of the third section of the paper. Finally, the fourth and concluding section will analyze the implications of this dynamic between states and indigenous peoples over natural resources for common property resource theory and governance."



IASC, common pool resources, governance and politics, indigenous institutions, privatization