Environmental Ethics: Sustainability, Competition, & Forestry

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"This Working Paper is a follow-up to the conference 'Environmental Ethics, Sustainability, Competition, & Forestry.' The conference, held on October 23 and 24 of 1992 at the University of British Columbia, was sponsored by UBC's Centre for Applied Ethics and the Goethe-Intitut Vancouver. "The conference was organized around the idea that sustainable development and competition are in some sense competing visions of our global future. Nowhere is this potential conflict more salient than in the forestry industry. Canada, and B.C. in particular, shares with Germany a concern for the fate of forests and for the industries based on forest resources. This conference sought to bring together academics from both Canadian and German universities to explore the ethical challenges associated with these competing visions. "Those attending the conference had the opportunity to hear talks from a wide variety of specialties, ranging from botany to cultural studies to philosophy. Of the talks given, four were developed into papers to be included in this publication. Special thanks go to Dr. Schutt for making his speaking notes available for this purpose."
sustainability, environmental ethics, forestry, resource management