Adapting the IAD Framework to Analyze a Cross-level Decision-making Process of a Mega Project: The Port of Sao Sebastiao, Northern Coast of São Paulo, Brazil

"The approval of infrastructure megaprojects involves negotiation arenas at different levels. From the discussion of long-term goals to the crafting of rules defining the nature and scope of a project, the decision-making process brings together actors with different goals, worldviews, and negotiating powers. This article examines the multiple level arenas associated with the expansion of the seaport in the Northern coast of São Paulo, and its action situations such as its environmental licensing process and public hearings. The environmental licensing process allows us to examine links of different interaction levels among actors from national, state and local contexts. In order to understand local dynamics and explore these article goals, it is important to understand the wider context in which this action situation and its deployment work in. This way, the aim of this article is showing the different action levels related to the decision arena about Sao Sebastiao port's extension, the main components of each level, and the feedback relations among them. This analysis was possible by an adaptation of the Institutional Analysis and Development framework (IAD framework) which enabled the identification of a network of action-situations (national/regional/local), their components and interlinkages."
institutional analysis--IAD framework, human-environment interaction