Understanding Adaptive Capacity in Forest Governance: Editorial

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"The term adaptive capacity has often been used to indicate the role that various factors may play in determining the extent to which adaptation to climate change - different actions to deal with the consequences of climate change - is possible. While the focus on adaptive capacity has been pronounced within climate change literature, this literature strongly acknowledges that adaptation will not take place with regard to climate change alone. Adaption to climate change should rather be seen in the context of adaption to all other coexisting stressors, or what has been called double or multiple impacts. The social, economic and political situation thus plays a part in determining whether environmental impact or exposure will result in vulnerability and in consequences on the ground. For instance, a flood will only become a disaster if the preparedness needed to deal with the consequences of flooding does not exist. The adaptive capacity or resources to deal with the risk of flooding, such as the existence of emergency plans and the existence of funding and personnel, are crucial."
forests, adaptive systems, governance and politics