Irrigation Institutions Typology and Water Governance Through Horizontal Agreements

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"Research on the existence and capacities of self-governance organizations for the management of irrigation systems has seen important advances in recent years. There are a growing number of case studies, greater systematization of case study analyses and, as a result, a greater capacity to realize comparative analysis and establish typologies. But concepts such as self governance, and bureaucratic and non bureaucratic management are still vague, as well as their implications. Also, research attention has centered on irrigation system institutions, with little attention of interactions between institutions, or with other water user institutions. "In this paper, on the one hand we will review concepts such as self-governance, bureaucratic and non bureaucratic management, as well as doubts on the benefits of bureaucratic management and centralized self- governance illustrated with data from a in depth case study. On the other hand, we will review cases in which irrigation institutions establish horizontal agreements between themselves, without creating a new institution or organizational tier."
IASC, common pool resources--case studies, irrigation--case studies, self-governance--case studies, water resources, water users' associations, river basins--case studies, institutions, organizational design, networks