Firewood Survey: Theory and Methodology

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Agency for International Development, Bureau for Africa, Office of Development Resources
"This document presents a framework for a survey of firewood problems in Africa. Using survey data, host countries and A.I.D. Missions should be able to more effectively identify and design appropriate projects to either increase firewood supplies or reduce firewood demand. "The document contains two parts. The first, an overview of firewood problems in Africa, lays a theoretical basis for the second part, a recommended survey package consisting of four questionnaires and two inventory instruments for use in host countries. "The overview presents an analysis of African firewood problems, focusing especially on institutional constraints and problems which may discourage production of adequate firewood supplies. It addresses as well two approaches to reducing fuelwood demand: switching to alternative fuels and improving combustion efficiencies in charcoal-making and cooking. "The survey package contains two groups of instruments which are designed to reveal official and individual producers' and consumers' perceptions of firewood situations - do problems exist? where? why? how serious are they? - and the feasibility of various solutions. Group I focuses on rural aspects of firewood problems and includes interviews of forestry officials, rural producer-consumers of wood, and charcoal makers. Group 2, which focuses on urban firewood problems, consists of an urban consumer questionnaire and an alternative fuels price form."
forestry, fuelwood