Hydronomics and Terranomics in the Nyando Basin of Western Kenya

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"This paper uses the concepts of hydronomics as systems of rules that define water management and terranomics as systems of rules that define land management and explores their linkages in rainfed agriculture and irrigation areas in the Nyando basin. The upper reaches of the basin have experienced a change from large scale commercial farming to more intensive small holder farming while in the flood prone lower reaches of the basin several irrigation schemes have been set up. The basin has a complex history of settlement, irrigation development and land tenure over the last 50 years, resulting in distinct patterns of poverty, land use, water management and land tenure across the basin. The changes in management of land have a corresponding effect on access to and use of water in the basin but there are no corresponding policy changes to ensure that no one is losing out."
land tenure and use, irrigation, property rights, legal systems, pluralism