The Urgency of Digital versus Conventional Community Services; Indonesia as Development Country (The Mid of Pandemic and Sustainable Development)

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"This research was applied to analyse the urgency of digital and conventional community service types which purposefully to service in human resources' development. The researcher was argued that both terms of the community services were tangible as one of role model of knowledge administrated and also the bridge to human civilization that rapidly changed through invention. In addition, the researcher was considered that this kind of tool to develop human capacity either to sustains their life but also develop the acknowledgement to the change of literacy. Meanwhile, to the Indonesia context which constructed in the concrete and futuristic of government policy, this research in accordance to support the development of widespread impact to meet our sustainable development policy, therefore researcher underlined this research through analysis document to the urgency of the digital and conventional community service program. In conclusion, both digital and conventional were radical of the system that meant to the concern of the background needs and also community factual phenomenon to achieve each goal of the various community service programs. Besides that, to the future research and community services program, have to consider underlining to the knowledge of the digital concept which aimed to educated, because digital was defined not only for the term of the [Online] segment but also [Offline] side, so that by defined in structure flow, people will motivate and foster to develop their knowledge in purposes."
community service, education