The Collective Action of Social Actors on Governing the Commons in the Surroundings of Protected Areas in Brazil


"The National Park of Serra da Bodoquena a protected area created under the auspices of environmental conservatism, implying immediate restrictions on farming activities that conflict with the goals of environmental protection law. There are a range of actors around the National Park, encompassing public and private institutions, municipalities, State, Union, researchers and technicians, tourists, family farmers, and indigenous peoples, all compelled to find common understandings for governing the commons resources toward collective action and institutional arrangements that allow its coexistence. With so many players in action, is there a hegemonic actor or someone who determine the management of natural resources? In this sense, based on the institutional problems of governing common resources in the surroundings of protected areas in Brazil, this paper aims to discuss the collective action of social actors on governing the commons in the surroundings of protected areas in Brazil as well as the institutional interfaces towards agreements, organization and adjustment to environmental regulation."



collective action, institutional analysis, sustainability, protected areas, parks