Solutions to Securing Mobility by Securing the Commons: The WISP Land Rights Study - First Results

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"This paper presents the first results of a WISP knowledge management project on Pastoralists organisation to defend and secure their land rights. The project encompassed the development of 23 case studies from 18 different countries describing positive examples how pastoralists organisations succeeded to defend and secure their land rights. The global analyses of these cases studies aims to describe the common characteristics of pastoral land tenure and related concepts of property rights and to identify factors of success for defending and asserting pastoralists right to their land. "The paper is divided into three major parts. The first part gives a general introduction to the theme and describes the method of the study, defines concepts and terminology applied by the study and explains the rationale for investment and protection of pastoralists land rights. The specifics of pastoral land tenure arrangements are presented and discussed and the related challenges to defending pastoral land are brought out. The second part gives an exemplary selection of abstracts of some of the case studies. In the following commonalities and differences of the situation and the characteristics of land rights and land tenure are discussed. The third part has its focus on the process of getting organized to defend and assert land rights and it describes the steps and methods taken to reach to successful results."
land tenure and use, access, property rights, pastoralism