The Gadfly as a Harbinger: Exploring Gandhi’s Hind Swaraj and Oceanic Circles

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"This is only a first cut towards a theoretical statement: hence apart from loose ends, there could be chinks in the theoretical armour. On the basis of inputs to this, lacunae could be filled, even as the author is convinced of its essential message. A motivation for this statement is the way Sanskrit grammar is supposed to have been born out of the Nada (musical sounds) of Lord Shiva’s celestial dance (Maaheshwara Sutras). Gandhi’s also was a unique life-time performance in action as well as in theory, with global significance. From out of his life-time work, a comprehensive political philosophy can be read which has several elements: a construct of the past with plausible validity; a call for reverting to it through action around reining in Science and Technology, agitating some serious questions on the postulates of international trade, discussions on construction of civil society with emphasis on Gandhi-proposed trusteeship which nonetheless provides for entrepreneurship and enterprise, and securing human rights via those actions."
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