Livestock Management in Grazed Watersheds: A Review of Practices that Protect Water Quality

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UCD Animal Agriculture Research Center


"This report reviews the literature that compares management practices--both replicated and unreplicated comparisons. Many of the practices that are used to manage livestock have been learned by trial and error, or evaluated only by common sense; others have been the subject of extensive research or case studies. All have been found to work somewhere, and most also have failed to meet management objectives in specific situations. "Dr. Bill Krueger's opening chapter describes the considerations in developing an effective grazing management strategy. Then Dr. Sherman Swanson discusses some of the factors that determine a stream's need for management and its response to management. Dr. Melvin George and Dr. John Buckhouse review research and case study experiences with various grazing management practices. Dr. Royce Larsen discusses the risk of pathogen contamination of water bodies in grazed watersheds, and practices that are commonly applied to reduce the risk of contamination. In closing, Krueger discusses coordinated resource management as a process to define and accomplish ecosystem management objectives."



livestock, grazing, resource management, watersheds, water quality