Local Knowledge of Agrobiodiversity Conservation among the Yao Communities in Sa Pa District, Lao Cia Povince, Vietnam

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"This study aims at learning about traditional practices as a knowledge system of agro-biodiversity conservation of the Yao people. In addition, it also tries to refer to difficulties for the Yao people in conserving agricultural biodiversity in transition. Based on that, I give policymakers and development project planners and practitioners the documentary basis which can help with determining future actions and decisions. In this way, it is hopeful that the local people will have more opportunities to benefit from development projects and ensure their food security in coming years. "This study is analyzed based on the two main following documentary sources: the literature source gathered from the available documentation and the data collected in the research areas. In order to collect the data in the research areas, I applied the following methods: participant observation, in-depth interview, informal interviews, some tools of participatory rural appraisal (PRA), and a set of questionnaire."



IASC, biodiversity, indigenous knowledge, minorities, ethnicity, environmental policy, agriculture, security