Regulating Timber Commodity Chains: Timber Commodity Chains Linking Cameroon and Europe

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"This article provides an overview of commodity chain analysis and access benefits, highlighting the role of power. The research draws upon commodity chain analysis and access mapping to explore the mechanisms of access and timber production processes within ventes de coupe and community forests, both of which can be located only in the non- permanent forest zones of Cameroon. Commodity chain studies can assist with evaluations of the distributional equity effects of natural resource policies and broader economic governance policies and examine factors that undermine policy implementation and corporate accountability. The article presents data on the functioning of these logging rights, analyses problems actors have accessing the forest, timber and markets, and discusses how current policies and regulations contribute to this situation. The article also examines conflict and corruption in these chains and determines a regulatory conflict between ventes de coupe and community forests have contributed to incidences of corruption and illegality."
IASC, timber, community forestry, environmental policy, logging, accountability, ethics, timber