Economics and Ecology: The Need for Detente in Conservation Ecology

"The most important problem facing our species in the next century is how to reconcile our insatiable drive for development with the limited resources of our planet. Attempts at resolution, which should involve collaboration between economists and ecologists, have often deteriorated into adolescent debates between 'traditional ecologists' and 'traditional economists.' The former have donned sackcloth and ashes and haunted the halls of our social and political institutions screeching doom in a reedy voice. The latter have donned dark suits and red neckties, proclaiming, with reassuring bass voices, that the rosy glasses of technology will cancel the oil slick covering our shoes. The caricatures may seem exaggerated, but don't protest overmuch before checking the back of your closet (and lecture notes) for traces of sackcloth or red ties."
conservation, economics, ecology, scale