Verbreiterung der Ertragsbasis Als Voraussetzung Fur Die Finanzierung Einer Multifunktionalen Leistungserstellung der Forstbetriebe Offentlicher Waldeigentumer in der Schweiz

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"Expanding the Income Basis as a Requirement for financing Multifunctional Forestry Outputs of Public Forest owners in Switzerland Multifunctional and sustainable forest management, which satisfies both public and private needs, requires a secured basis of financing. It comprises earnings from marketable goods, cost participation of private user groups as well as compensations and financial incentives from public communities. Based on a general co-financing model for multifunctional forestry production of goods and services several specific financing models can be identified which are characterized by different combinations of income sources. Their relevance can be shown by national and regional data. Today financial planning and budgeting are a central element of strategic and operative decision making in order to achieve multifunctional forest management by public forest owners. They are rooted in democratic participation and decision processes. This requires that the range of goods and services (outputs) and their financing are determined by medium-term management planning and in annual budgets of their forest enterprises. With such an approach external effects of forestry can be valued as outputs of multifunctional forest management and the proceeds contribute to finance management activities."
forest management, forestry--economics