The Teaching Methodology and Assessment of Character Education in Indonesian English Curriculum: Teacher`s Perceptions


"To develop students' knowledge subjects (e.g., English) and character (e.g., honesty), the Ministry of Education of Indonesia in 2013 launched a new curriculum called Kurikulum 2013. All subjects in this curriculum were claimed to be fully integrated with character education (CE). Notwithstanding a growing body of research stressing the need for CE to be integrated into school curricula, empirical studies on teachers` perceptions regarding the implementation of CE “have made few inroads in high schools” (Leming, 2006, p. 84). Thus, the current research aimed to explore English teachers` perceptions in Indonesia regarding the teaching methodology and assessment of CE integrated into the English high school curriculum. It utilised semi-structured interviews with four English teachers as the respondents. Regarding the teaching methodology, the findings revealed that teachers (1) had little consensus on how moral values could be integrated into English teaching materials and methods, (2) employed different strategies in teaching values, and (3) faced challenges in implementing CE (e.g., lack of training). In terms of assessment, it was found that teachers 13 (1) mostly employed observation as the assessment tool, (2) claimed the invalidity of quantitative assessment, and (3) expressed concern over the validity of the assessment of students' behaviour."