Preparing Millennials as Digital Citizens and Socially and Environmentally Responsible Business Professionals in a Socially Irresponsible Climate

"As of 2015, millennials (born in the 1990’s) became the largest population in the workplace – and are still growing. Studies indicate millennials are tech savvy but are lagging in the exercise of digital responsibility. In addition, they are passive towards environmental sustainability and fail to grasp the importance of social responsibility. This paper provides a review of such findings relating to business communications educators in their classrooms. The literature should enable the development of millennials as excellent global citizens through business communications curricula that emphasize: digital citizenship, environmental sustainability and social responsibility. The impetus for this work is to provide guidance in the development of courses and teaching strategies customized to the development of millennials as digital, environmental and socially responsible global citizens."
digital citizenship, corporate social responsibility, environmental sustainability, management