Elements of Support in Community-Based Forest Management Strategies: Contract NGOs in the Philippines

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"In this paper, contract NGOs in the Philippines are examined in terms of their effectiveness at assisting community-based forest management groups. The focus is on the abilities of contract NGOs to provide services, use of participatory methods, and building the capacity of community groups. The analysis is based on data from four community-based forest management sites in the Philippines. Delivering services and building capacity contribute differently to the effectiveness of community-based forest management groups. While providing services such as training courses may improve the ability of community groups to manage forest resources, assistance that builds leadership skills, networks with other institutions, and norms within the community of resource users may contribute more to the resiliency of community-based forest management groups. The findings suggest that community groups are in need of greater levels of assistance to develop collective interests in forest resource management and to build the capacity to satisfy programmatic requirements in a long-term and sustainable method."
IASC, common pool resources, CBRM, community forestry, capacity building, NGOs, service delivery