Common Elements of EC Tropical Forestry Aid

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Overseas Development Institute


"European Community (EC) aid to tropical forestry, like all forms of EC development assistance, is strongly influenced by the structure of the European Union and by its political and financial procedures. Before discussing the manner in which tropical forestry aid is managed within the various Directorates-General, we need to review the structure and procedures of the Union and consider the ways in which these features affect the definition and administration of aid policy. The centre of power in the EU is the Council of the European Union. This consists of representatives of the European Member States and the Commission, the actual attendance varying according to the issue under debate. The highest-level body is the Council of the Heads of Government which meets twice yearly and formally approves the policies of the Union. The Council also meets periodically at Ministerial level. For example, the General Affairs Council deals with external affairs and is attended by the Foreign Ministers of the Member States, while Eco®n is attended by the Ministers of Finance."



foreign aid, international development, public finance, forest policy--tropics