Change in Administrative Structures: A Case Study of Kenyan Agricultural Development

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"Over recent years there has been a growing interest in the field of administrative strategies for developing countries and development administration has become recognised as a valid academic discipline. Theoretical models of public administration have been developed to include the special circumstances which are encountered in the development environment. Riggs has emphasised the underdeveloped nature of society as a factor influencing administrative performance and has tried to explain administrative behaviour in the light of general social and political characteristics of that society. Others have emphasised the importance of the development of organisations and an administrative structure which are properly adapted to the problems of development in alternative circumstances. This report is not intended to add to sociological theory or to analyse its corresponding significance in differing development situations. It is more concerned with the need for fashioning new and more appropriate administrative approaches in underdeveloped circumstances, where rising expectations, limited organisational capabilities and severe shortages of resources characterise the bureaucracy."
DFM Project, agriculture, economic development, AB Project