Hydrology and Water Resources Development in the Olifants River Catchment

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"In terms of the national economy, the Olifants River (one of the major tributaries of the Limpopo River) is one of the country's most significant waterways. Approximately 3,400,000 people live in its catchment, with a considerable concentration of South Africa's industrial and agricultural activities. It is one of the first in South Africa for which a Catchment Mangement Agency (CMA) is planned. However, there are considerable inequities in urban-domestic water consumption between different areas of the catchment, varying from 47 litres per day in the former homelands, to 183 liters per day in areas where the majority of the white population live. This report examines the expected demands for water resources in the next 20 years, the difficulties that have arisen due to a lack of integrated management, and recommends that further research should be undertaken to provide insights into the implications of water conservation and demand management strategies, and a range of factors that affect inter-sectoral water utilization."
river basins, catchments, consumption, conservation, water resources