A Systematic Review of Queen Mother’s Roles in Sub-Saharan Africa regarding Women and Children


"Sub-Saharan countries are struggling to achieve sustainable development for all citizens particularly women and children. In most African countries, traditional authorities are in the forefront of local socioeconomic development. Traditional authorities are the custodian of the traditions, land and community resources. Together with formal political authorities or government, they provide for the wellbeing of the citizenry in the areas of health, education, and other social economic interventions. In some African countries, the role of traditional authority is enshrined in the constitution, while others it is recognized via traditional customs and practices. The Queen Mother is a key member of the Chieftaincy with responsibility for women and children usually focusing on health and education. Through this presentation, we identify the preliminary findings of a systematic review of the literature to explore the role and responsibilities of Queen Mothers in sustainable development in Africa. Key themes will include legal recognition of the role, roles and responsibilities, examples of projects, barriers, key partners and evaluation of initiatives. Targeted support is needed to promote greater involvement of Queen Mothers in development activities."