School Mental Health Program: A Case Study in Tiruchirappalli District

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"School social work relates with adjustments between school, child and their home. Children often fail to fit into school not because they are disinterested in studies or their IQ is below normal but because their inability to adjust to the separation, and insertion into school life. It is not a simple thing that a child gets adapted to the school life easily. It is one of the greater adjustments the child learns in life and it is demanding too, on the part of the child when it comes to complex nature of adjusting. This emotional instability is expressed in studies. The child may be prone to become delinquent, scholastically backward or physically sick child due to maladjustment. The child faces problems on all sides that are to say from school, from home and from classmates. On the part of the teacher and the Principal it becomes a disciplinary problem. In India it is not taken care of, hence the child faces a lot of problem in academic life."



psychology, education