Drought Impacts and Potential for Their Mitigation in Southern and Western Afghanistan

"The western parts of south Asia, comprising parts of west India, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran constitute, perhaps, the largest contiguous geographical area in the world affected by droughts. Because of the high frequency of drought occurrence, high population density and poor economic conditions of the population in this region, governments and other stakeholders need to be informed as to the causes of droughts and measures taht can be taken to mitigate their efect, and alleviate human suffering. In 2003, the International Water Management Institute (IWMI) initiated a regional study on drought assessment and mitigation in southwest Asia, including individual studies in west India, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The study was conducted in cooperation with the Faculty of Agriculture of Kabul University, Ministry for Irrigation, Water Resources and Environment (MIWRE) and FAO-Afghanistan."
drought, water management, livestock, crops, forests, irrigation