Global Warming Awareness among Faculties and Students of Different Disciplines: A Case Study

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"Global warming which causes the major changes in the global climate becomes a common phenomenon, yet, its impact on earth and its living beings are increasing at an alarming rate, reflecting the unaware and unconcerned attitude of the people. Sensing its impact on one hand and the unconcern responses of the people on the other, the study on the awareness of global worming and its effects was carried out at Academic Staff College(ASC), Himachal Pradesh University(HPU), Summer Hills, Shimla-5, India during 24th August to 19th September, 2009. The level of awareness were found in the descending order of faculties of Physical Sciences (78.6%), Life Sciences (77.3%), Sanskrit (70%), Economics, Management & Information Sciences (69.6%), Students of Science HPU (67.83%), faculties of Education (67.11%), Students of Social Science HPU (64.72%), faculties of Social Sciences (Sociology & Political science) 64%, faculty of arts and Music (52.8%), faculties of ASC, Summer Hills, Shimla (52%), faculties of Humanities (Hindi, English), Technology (Mechanical engineer) and Defence Studies (49%). More than 50% of the respondents aware of the phenomenon were practically uninvolved. The study helps in drawing the awareness status on global warming, which simultaneously helps in the dissemination of quite a number of valuable information regarding the causes, effects and measures against global warming."



global warming, habitats