Proposed Water Monitoring System for Sustainable Electricity Generation in Water Battery System

"There is a growing demand for the development of sustainable electrical energy. However, irrespective of the source of alternative energy embarked upon there is also a need to have rechargeable energy storage systems or units that can store energy from the sun or wind when they are available. Such Rechargeable Energy storage devices are critically important if we desire to move fully into renewable sources of power and usher in sustainable electrical energy. One widely used source of energy storage is the battery. Battery storage, or battery energy storage systems (BESS). However, the use of water batteries requires ensuring that the water level and quality are in the required amount. The paper reviews the use of the internet of things and how it can be applied for use in a water battery system that generates electricity. When applied the Water batteries can feed into an existing electric grid and help in ensuring constant electricity by redistributing electricity when demand is high. This study proposes the use of IoT systems in that regard to ensure automatic water monitoring of water-based devices."
water resources, water management