Local Strategies for Mobilisation, Positioning and Enhancement. The Survival of the Coastal Community of Rost in Relation to the Common Fisheries Resources

"National regulations are very often inefficient. They either lead to over- or underexploitation thus creating problems for stocks and human beings. The population is paying the price anyway. Models for local regulations might be able to take care of local concerns in a proper way, but what about national or global concerns. Historically national regulations have had a series of weaknesses. The breakdown of the herring, capelin, and cod stocks are frightening examples. And there have been warnings all the way for local societies. Can it be that the local knowledge and local responsibility are more suitable to do the management of natural resources than the national generalism? And do the national line do harm to local culture, local observance, local dependency on the resources and the common faith mand and nature share, locally in the first line. Do central bureaucrats and politicians generalize in a way that is dangerous both to natural resources and man?"
IASC, common pool resources, fisheries, village organization, coastal regions, regulation, local knowledge, centralization