The Effects of War on Cropping Systems: A Study of Two Zones in Nicaragua


"This paper examines the effect of war on the cropping systems of two regions of Nicaragua. Nicaragua is a Central American country with a population of 4,252,382. It covers a surface area of 131,811 km2 and with more than 10,000 km2 of freshwater lakes it can be described as a country of lakes and volcanoes'. "The paper begins with a review of the war in Nicaragua and then looks at the two regions, Jalapa and Pancasan. Interviews with local farmers and agricultural development personnel were conducted in both regions, and data is presented on changes in crops grown which took place during and after the war. Varietal diversity, varietal loss and sources of seed are discussed. Finally, the findings from these two regions are placed in the context of changes which took place in the country as a whole. The conclusion summarises the main findings of the paper and points to the need for more concerted attention to be paid to the effects of wars on farming systems at the time that the wars themselves are underway. This will help ensure that any policy responses are as well informed and effective as possible."



agriculture, war, land tenure and use