Management Over the Forest Resources in Northern Sweden: An Application of the Influence Ladder on Consultations between Forestry and Reindeer Husbandry

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"The forest resource in northern Sweden is used for, among other things, timber production and reindeer grazing in co-existence, and the two industries affect each other negatively. Forest companies are obligated to consult the reindeer industry before forest management actions, e.g., final felling and soil scarification, are taken. However, the power between the two industries is uneven since the forest resource is either owned by the government or private forest owners, and reindeer herders have grazing rights. The degree of influence for a weaker party in a consultation process can be conceptualized through an influence ladder. This paper uses the concept of the influence ladder as a starting point to discuss the effects of consultations and the optimal level of influence from an economic theoretical point of view. The paper then illustrates the theoretical model by using simulations based on the northern Swedish forestry-forestry conflict."
co-management, common pool resources, forests, IASC