Adaptive Behavior Assessment Based on Climate Change Event: Jakarta’s Flood in 2007

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"Response to reducing climate induced event such as flood is not only responsibility of community itself but also largely responsible of government agency in carrying out its mandate to be in the forefront of disaster risk management and climate risk management. Government must have adequate capacity to carry out its task for climate change adaptation because successful implementations of adaptation strategy will be depend on government’s performance particularly government in local level. Beside that the role and contribution of community organization could be effective partners of the LGU and community in responding to climate change impacts. Hence, this study would be assessing adaptation behavior of local communities as well as decision makers in climate risk areas in Jakarta to determine the set of adaptation possibilities that would be appropriate to be implemented in Jakarta. This study is important to be conducted consider the fast rapidly of climate change that inducing many disaster in this region. Beside that as well as government agency and stakeholder need this study to perceive the preparedness of Jakarta to facing climate change disaster that would be conducted in the future."



climate change, adaptation, adaptive systems, flood management, vulnerability