The African Digital Commons: A Participant's Guide, 2005: A Conceptual Map of the People, Projects, and Processes that Contribute to the Development of Shared, Networked Knowledge across the African Continent

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"One of the goals of the Commons-sense Project is to conduct research that helps equip African activists and decision-makers with the information they need to develop cutting edge, relevant intellectual property policies and practices. We decided to begin with a map – a map that hopefully presents a broad picture of how far we’ve already come in Africa towards the goal of achieving a 'digital information commons', as well as providing some sense of how to grow it further. We have tried to chart the international, regional and national policies, players and movements that to some extent dictate the scope of the commons in Africa, and at the same time to outline some of the creative responses from people on the ground working towards the expansion of the commons in some way."



intellectual property rights, information commons, digital divide