Norwegian Policy on Resource Management in the North: Welcoming Address to the Fifth World Conference of IASCP

"Through all times, natural resources have been a cornerstone of Norwegians; way of life. And nowhere are natural resources more crucial than here in Northern Norway. In this harsh, Arctic environment, people have learned to live with nature in a very special way. The numerous local communities along the coast have turned to the ocean for a living. Thus, the bounty of the ocean -- the living marine resources -- have always been at the centre of attention in this part of the world. And one thing we know for sure; the bounty of the ocean has important common property features! "To this day, fish has been by far the most important of the living marine resources. Introducing you to Norwegian policy on resource management in the north, I will therefore emphasize fisheries management. But first, let me elaborate on a central issue regarding the management of indigenous people's resources. "To parts of the Sami population, Norway's indigenous people, reindeer herding has been the main source of income through generations, not lest of great cultural value. The present situation in reindeer management policy offers interesting perspectives on the practical challenges of common property..."
IASC, common pool resources, resource management, indigenous institutions, fisheries, Sámi (European people), reindeer