When Commons and Global Public Goods Go Political


"In this paper, we consider how these analytical tools have also been used as normative frameworks. In particular, we attempt to lay bare several elements of the models of governance propagated by the commons and global public goods discourses. While we believe that tackling this issue from these perspectives can give a unique insight into the subject matter, the elements we focus on must not be seen as an exhaustive list. First, we assess how the two concepts influence prescriptive governance models. We argue that as public goods generally imply underprovision, and commons overexploitation, this will inevitably reflect upon the inherent models of governance. Next, we compare the two discourses on the basis of four features of governance, namely: the role of the state, spatial scale, directionality, and power. By looking closely at these four elements, we show some of the normative implications of the commons and global public goods discourses for global governance."