Smallholder System Innovations in Integrated Watershed Management (SSI) Strategies of Water for Food and Environmental Security in Drought-Prone Tropical and Subtropical Agro-Ecosystems

"Rapidly increasing population in the dynamic semi-arid agro-ecosystems in sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) highlights the necessity to increase food production, while at the same time safe-guarding other ecological systems that support human development and well-being. In the past, increases in crop production to keep pace with population growth in this region were largely achieved through the expansion of cultivated area. Today, we must also consider ways of improving the productivity of already existing cropping systems. This working paper frames the critical questions that must be addressed through development-oriented research and describes the integrated research approach of the SSI program, its interconnected research projects - their scope and methodologies."
crops, agriculture, watersheds, river basins, irrigation, agroecology, modeling