Biofuels, Land Access and Rural Livelihoods in Tanzania

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"This report investigates and describes patterns of biofuel development in Tanzania. It looks at the spread and scale, crop use and different models of biofuel production through several case studies. It also outlines the challenges and opportunities provided by this relatively new source of investment. The report finds that over 4 million hectares of land have been requested for biofuel investments, particularly for jatropha, sugar cane and oil palm, although only 640,000 ha have so far been allocated and of these, only around 100,000 ha have been granted formal rights of occupancy. Some companies are proposing biofuel projects involving initial investments of up to US$ 1 billion, or several billion US$ over the next 10-20 years. Both the Tanzanian and foreign governments have been promoting this surge in biofuel investments, although Tanzanias government has also delayed some projects while the National Biofuels Task Force works to complete formal guidelines for biofuel investments."
biofuels, land tenure and use