Public Policy: The Reality in the Practice of Management Agreements

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"This paper presents the new version of public policy for government transparency, outlining state’s required functions, in the context of economic globalization, to enable fulfillment of social demands and Brazil’s competitive insertion in international markets. In this sense, public policies were adjusted to the role of social and economic development promoter and regulator: Strengthening government capacity for formulating and evaluating them; increasing governance, i.e., government’s ability to implement public policies, from the viewpoint of efficiency, efficacy, and effectiveness through the introduction of new organizational models and new partnerships with civil society; establishing management contracts, agreements, and partnership terms; and finally modernizing public management. E-government (e-gov) includes three of the seven lines of action of the information society: universal service, government available for all and advanced infrastructure. The Integration and Intelligence Government Information System (i3-Gov) was developed in open platform. Thus, new trends in shared and interagency management for public, productive, and growing third (voluntary) sectors are contemplated. The paper presents the results obtained with the Federal Government Voluntary Transfers Integrated System (SICONV), which adequately fulfills the expectations of service and transparency, but needs improvement in regard to government participation without state interference."



technology, governance and politics