Environmental Movements and Gender Politics

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"This article, which is derived from larger studies; uses a number of qualitative data sources, including life histories, personal interviews, focus group discussions, and various secondary sources of information. This paper includes six sections. The first section takes a cursory glance at conceptual issues. The second part describes the struggle of local people as a result of environmental degradation. The third and fourth parts explain women's contribution to environmental movements and management of natural resources of their communities. In the fifth part, I discuss gender as a category for contribution and exclusion. The last section addresses gender politics as a source of power relations that determines the contribution of women and men in the environment movement process. It is important to note that in this paper the term 'movement' is given a rather broad meaning. It refers not only to such activities as mass protests and demonstrations, as well as campaigns which aim to publicize the situations and problems faced by the actors and demands redress that responds to the actors needs and problems, but also to follow-up activities, especially in relation to a management that aims to maintain natural resources and the environment of communities"
IASC, environmentalism, gender, social movements, forest management, dams, livelihoods, women, social networks