De una Experiencia Educativa Exitosa a una Politica en la Agenda del Gobierno es Posible? El Tema Educativo en el Gobierno Local de Andarapa - Andahuaylas (Apurimac)

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"Through the study called 'From a successful educational experience to a policy in the government's agenda. Is it possible?', we attempt to determine the conditions that influence the transition of an educational experience into a public policy; or the conditions that allow for the incorporation and/or maintaining of educational matters as permanent issues on a local government agenda in a rural area. The study considers the case analysis from the proposed Barzelay and Cortázar narrative approach; focused on episodes and events. The overall balance of the study provides concrete elements regarding the possibility for an effective transition from one experience to a government policy, and its continuance -for a while- on the agenda. This possibility occurs if the authority is sensitized, if he/she has access to the results of the experience, if he/she commits planning and budgetary resources and maintains close links with the actors who are part of the experience. In this regard, the role of policy entrepreneurs is key: if this process weakens, the experience ceases to be part of a government policy."



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