Speaking of Sustainability: Complexity Within the Language Commons and the Historical Ontology of Styles of Reasoning for Discourse Paradigms

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"How we describe and communicate ‘sustainable technology’ to address global environmental governance and social justice initiates from within the communication commons. Complexity in defining ‘sustainable technology’ from within the communication commons arises due to modes of inquiry through technological specialization. Various specialized discipline perspectives compete by struggling for power to control the communication commons informed by their historical ontological frameworks associated with paradigms of reasoning. This article examines economic discipline development as an example of historical and on-going discourses with styles of reasoning sometimes in contention with commons approaches. Resiliency within the linguistic commons arises in the manner by which truth and falsehood can come into being relative to specific styles of rationality. Implications arise by what we hold to be common, and therefore the dialectic realism and dynamic nominalism for styles of reasoning raises issues of incommensurability with commons approaches seeking sustainable democracy and justice compared to atomistic technological paradigms."



commons, environmental policy, social behavior, sustainability, communication, paradigm