Nationalisation and Privatisation of Arid Lands and the Dilemmas of Common Resources Management in Western Rajasthan India

"Nationalisation of land and the creation of modern forms of private property for agricultural expansion along with rising population densities have caused continuous decline in availability of common resources and undermined possibilities for collective action.The failure of policy to provide appropriate environments to enable endogenous evolution of common resources management institutions in the changed circumstances has had far reaching effects on the sustainability of arid ecosystems and on the rural poor. This paper addresses these issues in the arid zone of Rajasthan, India. It places the Common Resource Management (CRM) Problem in a historical-institutional perspective and provides a microanalysis of the commons question in the arid zone. It concludes by highlighting the current dilemmas of CRM and possible directions for policy intervention."
IASC, common pool resources, resource management, privatization, arid regions