On Designing a System of Positive Incentives to Conserve Biodiversity for the Ecosystem People of India


"India is one of the world's top twelve megadiversity countries, with a rich tradition of as well as a vigorous modern effort at conservation of biodiversity. Yet the country's heritage of biodiversity is being rapidly eroded. This can be traced to a number of deficiencies in the current system of utilization and conservation of biological resources that have resulted in a weakening of the traditions of prudent use of biomass and conservation of biodiversity, while failing to erect in their place other effective alternatives. The traditional community based systems of sustainable use of village woodlots and pastures, coupled to protection to sacred plants, animals, forests or ponds have been adversely affected by the state take over of common property resources, in effect converting them into open access lands and waters, subject to unregulated overuse."



biodiversity, ecology, conservation, common pool resources, property rights, design principles