Possibilities for the Development of Agrotourism in the Areas of Landscape Parks in West Pomeranian Province

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"Agrotourism and organic farming have special functions in conservation areas, where both contribute to their ecologisation and multifunctional development. The aim of the study was to asses the possibility for agrotourism development in communes located in the areas of West Pomeranian Province landscape parks. Basing on the characteristics of six diagnostic features valorising agricultural space for the needs of agrotourism development, high diversity of area under water, share of farms with 5-15 ha of agricultural land, share of permanent grasslands in the total area of the agricultural land,population density, and afforestation of the communes situated in the areas of landscape parks were stated. Ward’s hierarchical clustering method used for grouping similar communes showed three clusters with different possibilities for the development of agrotourism. The most favourable conditions for agrotourism were found in communes: Cedynia, Záocieniec, Ostromice, and WĊgorzyno; favourable in: Stare Czarnowo, Czaplinek, IĔsko, Widuchowa, MoryĔ, TrzciĔsko-Zdrój, Barwice, and Dobrzany; and moderately favourable in: Poáczyn-Zdrój, Borne Sulinowo, Mieszkowice, Chojna, and Chociwel."
agriculture, tourism, communes, parks