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Integrated Energy Planning for Sustainable Development in Rural Areas: A Case Study from Eastern Uttar Pradesh

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Type: Journal Article
Author: Singh, Shweta; Bajpai, Usha
Journal: International Journal of Energy and Environment
Volume: 1
Page(s): 1083-1096
Date: 2010
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/6459
Sector: Social Organization
Region: Middle East & South Asia
Subject(s): rural affairs
Abstract: "Energy is required for every aspect of our daily life. At present, commercial energy consumption makes up about 65% of the total energy consumed in India. This includes coal with the largest share of 55%,followed by oil at 31%, natural gas at 11% and hydro energy at 3%. Non-commercial energy sources consisting of firewood, cow dung and agriculture wastes account for over 30% of the total energy consumption. The critical feature of India’s energy sector and linkages to economy is the import dependence on crude and petroleum products. Import bill is likely to grow to more than 100% in the near future because of population explosion and improved living standard in the country. Being a tropical country India has unlimited potential for producing renewable energy sources. These sources of energy can play an important role in the sustainable development by providing basic energy needs of rural and remote areas. A survey of energy consumption pattern has been carried out in different sector domestic, agricultural, transport, rural industries and miscellaneous uses in a cluster of 3 villages, district Ballia, Uttar Pradesh India during 2008. The questionnaires have been filled by gram pradhan, respective old persons and head of the family of the surveyed households. This paper discusses the current energy status, choice of energy options and potential of renewable energy systems for creating sustainable livelihoods in rural areas."

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