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Re-Examining the Inter-Regional Differentials for Elementary Education: A Case of Coastal Andhra & Telengana Region in the State of Andhra Pradesh

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Type: Working Paper
Author: Kumar, Avinash; Acharya, Shrawan
Date: 2011
Agency: Faculty of Planning & Public Policy, CEPT University, Ahmedabad, India
Series: The School of Planning Working Paper Series
URI: https://hdl.handle.net/10535/8841
Sector: Information & Knowledge
Region: Middle East & South Asia
Subject(s): education
Abstract: "This paper examines the differentials existing across the regions of Telengana and Coastal Andhra (Kosta), to identify bias in development priority – in the sector of elementary education. Traditional literature has always used literacy and enrollment variables to assess education, which has not kept view of the social context of elementary education. It is evident that the socio-cultural, religious, economic and demographic factors play a vital role in enhancing or diminishing educational chances of the children. Essentially the paper looks into the various issues manifested in the system of Elementary education, such as social inequalities of caste, class and gender. It studies the regions in terms of the available qualitative infrastructure in the form of qualified teachers and government spending apart from the available facilities provided in the schools. The study has used the variables furnished from secondary references, notably the District Information System for Education (DISE) data for the year 2007-08, and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) Household Survey Data 2007, apart from using data from ther commonly used references (such as the census). The challenges these differentiated circumstances pose for the children create the differences in educational attainment. The attempt is hence to throw light on the ‘differential achievement in education’ of the children across these regions due to the scenarios they prevail in. What we find is that Telengana does compare poorly on various educational variables to Coastal Andhra, however there are similarities in the trend prevailing across these regions and eventually policy resolutions to improve the prevalent scenario of elementary education are suggested at the state level."

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